Monday, October 18, 2010

Mash up Trading Market

Si do love me some mash-ups. Don't know what those are? It's simple. One person takes two or more songs and mixes them together to create a new one!

So here's what I want you to do. Out in the comment box down there spread the love and post the best mash-ups you know of. And it's better be good or the groove bank will come to foreclose on that unfunky house of yours.

I'll start us off right here on this very post. then continue in the comments, or hey maybe even spread the mixes further in your own blog.


  1. DJ hero has some awesome tracks.

  2. nice songs. awesome blog, you got a new follower!

  3. Does count because I live this

  4. I don't actually know any good mash-ups, usually I stick to original single band stuff, so I'm gonna be boring and not post a video :O
    Though the stuff you are posting is pretty ok, I have to admit :)